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Long Overdue Update

It’s that time again for a long overdue update. We recently returned to Home Port after a 3 week stint in various variations of Texas. Dropping into the Wonderland Reality to deal with a bit of relic shenanigans at the Steampunk World of Wonderland, followed by an extended stay in Great Texas for A-Kon 25. After we finished all our country dancing and cow tipping fun (not really, no cows were even touched… but can’t you see Suzeaux trying this), we headed off to Louisianime before scuttling (Woop woop woop woop wooop wooop) back home.

All the events were absolutely memorable. We held and impromptu auction at Steampunk WoW and frightened shoppers in the Goblin Market at A-Kon (Thanks Ben Hamby of The Sky D.O.G.S for letting us help with this). Finally Louisianime was the blast it always is; Vampires, Steampunks, Anime and a random Sunday drag show… How can you go wrong?

Now that we are finally home we are getting caught back up on everything. I have made some updates to the Etsy, Attica has posted new chapters to the Battle of Charmelle and everyone has gone on a cleaning rampage!

Keep your eyes out for more amazing art, comics, and writing here. We will also be posting cool new things that you can get from our Etsy. We are also ramping up for the Endless Nights event with a couple large prop/decoration builds, so this should be an amazing fall season (if it will ever get here and not be so hot).

We Have Arrived

After a crazy drive to Tucson, AZ. Then enjoying a FANTASTIC Wild Wild West Con 3. Followed by the drive home (This was the long part). We arrived at Home Port in the blackest hours of this morning, and trugged into our bunks (oh my, our own beds – who knew they would feel so sweet). We are up and recovering today and back at the chaos tomorrow. We look forward to seeing and sharing pictures from WWWC3 with everyone. Thank you Tucson, AZ, Old Tucson Studios and Wild Wild West Con for an Amazing weekend. We can’t wait to see you again.

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