For our next installment of The Misadventures of the Airship Isabella, I give you “Tea”.


Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox

In a less than exciting note, you can learn more about most crew members in the crew gallery, I however have neglected to get my own bio into my picture, and this story kinda warped in on me, and I totally didn’t realize my oversight would be so suddenly thrust upon the world. You can click my image to see where more information about me would be, and I will be correcting my own personal oversight in the next day or so.

To view “Tinkering” in illustrated form go HERE!


“The ticking and whirring, dinging and flaming could be heard all across the ship when Audra really got into her work. Her shop was that of the most amazing mechanical toy maker you had ever seen squashed onto a clock shop melted through a shipyard. It was quite the site to see; if you knew how to traverse the tunnels that led through the room that is. Audra had a rather diminutive stature that allowed her to store far more in her space aboard the ship by piling overhead (how she managed the gravity field in her room even Vale has yet to truly figure out, though he has a theory).

Today Audra is scurrying around her tunnels, digging through the piles of little bits and bobbles here and there. When she finds something she wants it hurriedly gets stashed away in her bag, all other things get unceremoniously transferred to another storage location with a quick fling of the arm.

Looking in her bag, she appears satisfied with its contents. Winding her way to her workbench strew with a pile of tools, various unusual looking machines and a small pile of unfinished projects. Making room in the table she swipes the current project of wing upgrades for Nyxe right onto the floor with her other unfinished things. She finally pulls forward the most familiar looking machine of them all; a black and gold inlay sewing machine. Her bag produces beautiful lengths of fabric and beads: admittedly strange for an engineer, and after winding a this and that she goes to work.

Fabric scraps flying everywhere, thread rolling all over the floor, ticking and machining noises echoing through the tunnels, Audra finally scurries away from her table pile of fabric in hand. Quietly returning she is now adorned in the most frilly of frilly dresses. Frills upon frills like icing on a cupcake Audra admires herself in the mirror.”

Tinkering Written by: Andy Fox
Tea Written by: Andy Fox. Illustrated by: Rebecca Harrison

Shadows of Steam

Big Mamma's Lounge

We are honored to announce Shadows of Steam, a monthly gathering in the shadows, hosted by House of Blues: Big Mama’s Lounge in partnership with Airship Isabella. Join us on the 2nd Thursday every month for an evening in the shadows. Meet people of like minds to discuss and explore the darker side of Steampunk, Vampires, Horror and the Dark Subcultures of New Orleans. Held at Big Mama’s lounge in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans at 229 Decatur St. Starting at 7 pm going till 11 pm. See you in the shadows!

Here is the link for the Facebook Event for the First Shadows of Steam.


The shop crew of Airship Isabella takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Thank you Chris Ayers for this!

Oh yeah and we challenged: John Strangeway (aka Steampunk Boba Fett), Cannon Trawets and the Airship 67, Jesse Thaxton, Brian Oliver (aka the Tin Man), Ant Schmitt, League of G.E.A.R.S., and Ken Sharkey Braden and Erin Crowley.


For our next installment of The Misadventures of the Airship Isabella, I give you “Tinkering”.


Audra Lilienthal

Audra Lilienthal

If you are interested in learning more about Audra, click her picture!

Also, included in this edition of the Misadventures we are featuring the story of the last comic for you to read. We want you to be able to enjoy the wonderful art that is just spilling out of our Art Department, but also get to read the stories that they draw their inspiration from for these little one page illustrated pieces.

To view this one in illustrated form go HERE!

“Summer Punk”

The summer here was hot. Hotter than most the crew might experience on any given day in the life of the Isabella’s ventures. It was so hot, in fact, that the aether needed to power the jump drive allowing them to travel from place to place, had grown too thin to collect. Because of this, the ship had deployed their large balloon to keep from drifting too low to the surface and risk being detected. That, unfortunately, had been days ago…

Amelia Whittaker sat with fan in hand on the largest of the covered decks sipping an iced tea. Her dress, much like the rest of the crew’s, had turned into the smallest showing of clothing required to still be dressed for mixed company and not stew to death in sweat in ones own sweat. Audra, their mechanic, sat beside her dazed and red-faced in the sweltering heat.

Luthiem grumbled to herself as she forced open a jar of blood. The heat had since turned her supply to a coagulated mess. With a mournful look she proceeded to dump the contents off the bow and over the side. “Can’t we refill any faster…” She whined.

Amelia’s head swung languidly to face her, “No…and don’t dump that over the side, it’ll fall somewhere and likely be a bad day for somebody.”

Summer Punk Written by: Rebecca Harrison
Tinkering Written by: Andy Fox. Illustrated by: Andrea Izaquirre

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