Welcome Aboard

Please have a look around.

Ooh Shiny!

We Have Arrived

After a crazy drive to Tucson, AZ. Then enjoying a FANTASTIC Wild Wild West Con 3. Followed by the drive home (This was the long part). We arrived at Home Port in the blackest hours of this morning, and trugged into our bunks (oh my, our own beds – who knew they would feel so sweet). We are up and recovering today and back at the chaos tomorrow. We look forward to seeing and sharing pictures from WWWC3 with everyone. Thank you Tucson, AZ, Old Tucson Studios and Wild Wild West Con for an Amazing weekend. We can’t wait to see you again.

Attica’s Cat

Attica preferred to work alone. She was still scarred from cleaning cabbage out of every hole in her room. Today she was working on a particularly complicated formula. Pages of book strewn all over the work desk. Sheets of notes cascading to the floor. In the center of her room, a large pot sat on her last attempt at making the formula make sense. She had become so frustrated with not being able to see the details that she had drawn it on the floor.

As she wandered around pouring different bottles and throwing various powders into the pot she was asking questions to something. “Should I add the bismuth before the irradiated mercury or after?” “I know it doesn’t say, that’s why I asked… It might affect the transmutational properties of the solution if they are compounded incorrectly.”

Quite suddenly a there was a knock at her door… When she shyly opened it, it was revealed to be Mr. Fox. “Have you seen Lulu? I need her to find me some ingredients for tonight’s dinner and she is nowhere on the ship. I heard you talking alchemy and I figured she was here…”

“Nope, no Lulu. Just me and this cat. He is very knowledgable over the transmutative properties of various metallic compounds.” Attica wandered over and sat in her chair looking over the floor. Making a clicking sound she began to pet the cat. “Isn’t he so pretty?”

“Atty, There is nothing there…”

Story By Andy Fox AKA Mr. Fox

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