Character Profile: Attica Valora & Kitty Livington

It’s a science-fiction steampunk double feature. This week Dr. X built us two creatures: Attica and Kitty in their own introduction videos.

As always, click the pictures to see the more/previous character profiles, and stick around… there are more yet to come.

Character Profile: Mr. Fox

Here we are with the character profile for Mr. Fox. Enjoy

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox










If you missed our other character introductions check out the pictures below!

Grocery Shopping

Here we go again, some more Misadventures of the Airship Isabella. This time we have a look at Kitty and Lulu doing the daily errands. Enjoy.

Grocery Shopping Comic

For more information about Kitty and Lulu check out their profiles.

Grocery Shopping was written by Andy Fox and Illustrated by Rebecca Harrison.

Character Profile: Amelia Whittaker

Amelia Whittaker

Amelia Whittaker

I am pleased to give you the second in our set of character introduction videos: Amelia Whittaker!

Cedric Whittaker

Cedric Whittaker

If you missed last weeks video, click this drawing of Captain Whittaker and check his out also! We have more yet to come so stay tuned! You can also follow us on Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter; and subscribe on WordPress and Youtube. We are social! If you are looking for some new accessories for your Steampunk costume, be sure to check out our Etsy page; we have add some new items.

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